• Pallets can be used to make a good ventilated floor for a wood shed.

    • Pallets can also be used to keep stuff of the ground in a damp area (garage)

    • With pallets you can build a nice outside deck for camp or cottage.

    • They can also be used to build walls for a wood shed or playhouse for the kids.

    • Children can build a fort, a cabin, or anything that they can think of with pallets.

    • Wood pallets can also be used to build a bridge over a creek for you’re ATV. or your skidoo.

    • You can build a raft with them. Their usefulness is endless. Wood City North Inc. has a wide variety of sizes to choose from. These pallets have been refurbished and are ready for use.

    • Pallets can also be used as a structure to place on a canoe or boat to haul something heavy across the lake.

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